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Taking action for a Clean Energy Future for Wingecarribee

Participants at CANWin’s 20 November workshop, A Clean Energy Future for Wingecarribee, wanted more than interesting, or even challenging, talk. The focus was on what we can do. This post is your invitation to join one of the working groups that are forming in response. Just scroll down to the heading, Clean Energy Working Group Participation .

Workshop planning outcomes

Workshop discussion groups outlined their action proposals during the plenary session

The four featured speakers gave an eye-opening overview of the urgency, options, challenges and successes of clean energy generation in regional Australia. You can find this exciting story in the Workshop Proceedings, which are now available for download (PDF 3Mb).

In addition, Matthew Wright, founder of Beyond Zero, has made the slides of his presentation available as a PDF (7Mb).

Workshop participants identified five initial tasks, which will each be tackled by one of the working groups that are now forming. Continue reading

2031+ Forum

Six CANWin Committee members have registered for this important forum and workshop, which will set the foundation for our Shire’s future through to 2031. No doubt other CANWin members and members of like-minded groups have also registered. Together, we hope to ensure that principles such as action on climate change, protection of our environment, building a resilient and sustainable and just community, will form the basis of all decisions.

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