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Friday 15 March, Supporting SCHOOLS STRIKE 4 CLIMATE

Schools Strike 4 Climate protesters and placards

By now we are sure that you have heard something re the school students plan to strike (away from school) on Friday 15th March.

Main event planned so far is at Corbett Garden in Bowral from 10:00am till noon.

To supplement this event and to cater to students in Moss Vale and surrounds, the Seniors’ volunteer groups, CANWin, Grey Power Protecting Climate and the Moss Vale Community Garden are organising a follow-up event at the Moss Vale Community Garden starting at 1:00pm.

Many members of these Seniors’ groups, as well as other adults, are keen to show acknowledgment and support for these students by attending these functions.

You are invited to join us in demonstrating our support and our desire to make politicians aware of the problems that the people of the future generations will face in dealing with global warming problems.

We look forward to seeing you at either or both of these events.

Lou Flower

Grow Cook Eat 2016 Festival – All Welcome


Quiz: Who Said What, 2010

First published 24 Jul 2010. Re-issued 21 Jul 2013, Web Team.
Can you identify these political quotations from 2010? They seem sadly like 2013.

  1. “Climate change is such a huge issue that it requires strong, concerted, consistent and enduring action by governments.”
    a) Peter Garrett
    b) Kevin Rudd
    c) Julia Gillard
  2. “The collapse of communism was a disaster for the left, and really, they embraced the environment as their new religion.”
    a) Joe Hockey
    b) Nick Minchin
    c) Barnaby Joyce
  3. “Climate change is crap.”
    a) Bob Brown
    b) Steve Fielding
    c) Tony Abbott
  4. “The immediate and inevitable consequence of this logic – if echoed in other countries – is that there will be no global deal as each nation says to its domestic constituencies that they cannot act because others have not acted.”
    a) Helen Coonan
    b) Julia Gillard
    c) Kevin Rudd
  5. “Well sometime in the future, if the world agrees that we’re going to have a price on carbon then Australia will obviously have to take some sort of position on carbon pricing. Now our policy is very clear. By 2015 we’ll review the situation, see where the rest of the world is at.”
    a) Tony Abbott
    b) Bob Brown
    c) Joe Hockey
  6. “Mitigating the impacts of resource-inefficient lifestyles such as divorce helps to achieve global environmental sustainability and saves money for households.”
    a) Steve Fielding
    b) Peter Garrett
    c) Joe Hockey
  7. “I don’t know whether Copenhagen was a roaring success, because every time I turned on the TV the lakes were freezing, the snow was falling and the planes were stuck on the airstrip.”
    a) Steve Fielding
    b) Barnaby Joyce
    c) Nick Minchin

How did you go? Check out the answers.

Community gardens: old skills for a new world

Southern Highlands News, 29 May 2013, Author, Jill Cockram. More articles from the CANWin column.

Upgrading the shade house at Moss Vale Community GardenThink Eat Save That’s the theme for this year’s World Environment Day, next Wednesday 5th June.

It sounds good, but where can you learn how to make it work?

One place is at a community garden. It can give you experience with skills that Nannas and Grandpops learnt as a matter of course, and work out how to combine them with new information and technologies for a better life in the digital age.

The Highlands now has two community gardens, at Moss Vale and Bundanoon. They can be great demonstration sites for:

  • Eating with the seasons for fresher food and to reduce imports
  • Knowing what will grow locally
  • Growing lots of organic food in our own backyards and town green spaces
  • Understanding the cycles of life (saving seed for next season’s crops)
  • Learning how to build structures using renewable materials (strawbale, mudbrick)
  • Strategies to lower your environmental footprint – solar energy, recycling, sustainable transport, chemical-free food production, preserving the harvest

Community gardeners are developing ways to cope well with disruptions to familiar food growing cycles. Plants thrive within their own range of temperatures, as we find out when we try to grow things outside their comfort zone – mangoes in the Highlands?? As our climatic zones change, the staple foods that farmers can grow are also changing. More catastrophic weather events could also cause food shortages. Remember the banana shortage a few years ago?

And at a community garden you can re-learn something extra that Nanna knew: a job like bottling a tree’s worth of apples is fun and efficient with a group of friends, but hard yakka if you’re beavering away for hours alone at home.

The Highlands has two community gardens, at Railway Street, Moss Vale ( and Ellsmore Street, Bundanoon ( Check the websites for opening times, or come and meet people at next week’s events.

Environment week events

Tuesday June 4: CANWin Speaker Night with climatologist Dr Blair Trewin from the Bureau of Meteorology. 7pm at the Council Civic Centre Theatrette in Moss Vale.

Wednesday June 5: Moss Vale Community Garden workshops worm farming. 1.30pm at the Garden

Friday June 7: Open Garden at the Quarter Acre Farm, 18 Hood St, Mittagong

Sunday June 9: Bundanoon Community Garden presents the premiere of “Symphony of Soils”. 3pm at the Council Civic Centre Theatrette.

2013 WED Logo

YOUthLEAD Presentation

yla invite

BWF Felt Making workshop

Workshop: Felt Making with Carol Divall

Carol is a well known fibre artisan from the Tablelands and by popular demand, she will be holding her one day felt making workshop during Winterfest again this year. During her workshop she will teach the fundamentals of felt making whilst you put them into practice making either a hat or a bag. Cost is $55 per person and includes all materials and morning tea. BYO lunch. For bookings and enquiries, contact Carol on p. 4821 2572. Supper Room, Soldiers Memorial Hall.

Check the website for other events.

BWF Wood Tool Sharpening workshop

Workshop: Wood Tool Sharpening – Ever tried using a woodtool and it just wont do what you want? David Gunn, Bundanoon resident and graduate of the Sturt Woodschool is hosting a workshop to explain and demonstrate the correct way to sharpen and use a chisel, woodplane and cabinet scraper so you can get the best from your tools. Classes are limited in size, so get in early. Contact David on P. 4883 7605 for more information, venue and bookings.

Check the website for more events.

Using the Web to spread the word

If you have friends, children, grandchildren who are comfortable with internet technology (we call them “digital natives”), there are growing resources on the internet that are of value for promoting action on climate change and adopting fairer and more sustainable lifestyles.

Below are two sites that have successfully created a wide appeal and are suitable for general consumption. – a site that aggregates (or “mashes up” to use the correct term) a series of youtube videos using a risk management matrix for climate change. Created by a (science?) teacher using rational argument. Strong and simple, states that doing nothing to address climate change is unacceptable using the RM matrix. The creator has used Youtube to request “peer review” to validate assumptions and refine argument. There are seven hours (!) of video and they are chunked up nicely. I have watched the first nine minutes. The first video is well worth watching for opening the discussion about climate change action vs inaction. Aimed at inquiring minds (secondary students and up). – clever animation showing the hidden cost of “stuff”. The cost to the environment and the third world. Very well packaged, weakness for analytical minds is that many “facts” are thrown to support the argument and they are not well cited. One “fact” is that computer manufacturers make a new chip every year that requires the entire computer to be thrown out rather than replaced. Having worked in ICT for 20 years I haven’t seen that chip! It is perhaps a comment on the rapid evolution of the tool rather than some planned obsolescence conspiracy on the part of the ICT PC manfacturers. Errors like this will diminish the value of the video, although the intent and thrust of the video is sincere. Aimed at impressionable rather than inquiring minds.

Are there more – have you seen short, sharp, punchy, succinct presentations? The internet is a great vehicle for moving information/knowledge/wisdom rapidly to a wide audience. These “useful” items are still small boats in a sea of self-indulgence and triviality, but they are there.