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CANWin sustainable house visits, 7 September

A message from David Tranter

Following the fantastic visit to the off-grid house of Larry and Penny Osterhaus two months ago, arranged by Gordon Markwart, I am pleased to announce a second outing for CANWin members and friends on Sunday morning, September 7th.

This time there are three sustainable houses to visit in Mittagong, each one different from the others.

The program for the day is as follows:
9.30am: Assemble immediately in front of Mittagong Railway Station to pool cars
9.45am: Directions
9.55am (SHARP) Move off to the first site (Lemann “Greeny Flat”)
10am: Lemann Greeny Flat Inspection
10.45am: Depart for the second site (Leenders House)
11am: Leenders House Inspection
11.45am:Leave for the third site (Podger House)
12 noon: Podger House Inspection (outdoors)
12 45: Return to parked cars at Mittagong Railway Station
1pm (Optional): Leave for the Home and Garden Show at the Bong Bong Racecourse, to see the CANWin exhibits and check out the show.

If you and/or your friends are interested in joining the CANWin party, would you please email David Tranter (email hidden; JavaScript is required) or phone (4885-1394) to make a booking.

Best regards,
David Tranter

New Land Services Boards will matter

CANWin and Moss Vale Land Care member Lyndal Breen writes:

Hello all,

Please note the electoral roll for the upcoming election of board members on the Local Land Services Boards will close on 17th February. If you know any landholders who could be on this roll but who may have overlooked its significance, please mention it to them. As landholders who were on the previous Livestock Health and Pest Authority Roll will not be automatically transferred, it is important to remind them. They can get the form from the website below, but they have to submit the form at their local land services office. The closest one to our area is the former HNCMA office in Clarence House, Moss Vale (beside IGA)

Please see for full details.

I feel that people in CANWin and other environmentally focussed groups may not be appreciating the importance of these Boards. These are the people who will be making decisions about funding and support available for issues in areas such as natural resource management, biosecurity, emergency management and agricultural production advice.

It is important for anyone interested in areas such as Landcare, food miles/food security, organic farming, use of GMO crops, soil erosion, weeds, fire management, and/or rural issues in general, to take notice.

It is particularly concerning that the Boards’ memberships are limited to Landholders.

Regards, Lyndal