Transition Shire Wingecarribee

CANWin’s Transition Shire Wingecarribee (TSW) is a grass-roots initiative that encourages everyone in the Southern Highlands to create a sustainable future together, however great the changes being forced upon us.

Present society depends on cheap oil and fossil fuels, but peak oil and global warming mean we must learn to live without them. Although peak oil and climate change are enormous threats to our security and safety, they are also a tremendous opportunity to evaluate the way we live and to begin a new future for our communities.

In the words of transition movement pioneer Rob Hopkins (video below), the Transition Response is about “Looking at the challenges of peak oil and climate change square in the face, and responding with a creativity and an adaptability and an imagination that we really need.” It’s the process of becoming more resilient in the face of changes to the fundamentals of how we live.


Transition in Wingcarribee Shire

The Transition movement became an election issue in Wingecarribee shire during the 2008 council elections, as people began to realise that our community will need to be more self-reliant. Rising energy costs and competition for water and resources will eventually require local production of food, energy and many goods and services. Transition Shire Wingecarribee set to work to ensure that the Southern Highlands will always be able to meet its needs.

You can get involved in Transition Shire Wingecarribee activities from the CANWin in Action section of this website.

Or you can get more idea of how Transition Shire Wingecarribee has grown from Transition Shire News.

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