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Messages for decision-makers

CANWin street events

CANWin home movies: a look back at some past events. What an energetic lot of people!

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Tulip Time Wheelbarrow Flotilla 2009

Rather than create our own event, we joined the Street Parade for Bowral’s Tulip Time Parade. Wheelbarrows are a wonderful float tool – little organisation for the float, people powered, colourful and attention grabbing. We won “best float in the Parade” for this, but more importantly, put climate change on the streets to a much larger audience than any of our own events. Here’s part of the parade for your viewing pleasure.

Walk Against Warming 2008

The 2008 Walk against Warming was again a stand in the streets of Bowral. In this video, Nina d’Arcy sings a great version of Fever and CANWin members give their own views on personal climate action: being aware of what we do, what a secondary student is doing to motivate her colleagues, why we have to teach ourselves “enough” and what you can do in your own household.

Walk Against Warming 2007

Our first Walk Against Warming was actually a stand against warming! We took placards and held them up in the main street of Bowral. Participants say why they took to the streets.

Updated November 2014 for changes to YouTube coding.

Community consultation, community priority

Local MP Pru Goward is also Minister for Family and Community Services. It’s one of the most difficult jobs in government, but Pru asked for it because of her deep commitment to the well-being of children. So she must be heartened that “intergenerational equity” was one of the high priority concerns raised at her Community Consultation in Mittagong on 18 April. It’s a fancy way to say something very simple: we owe our kids a fair go.

Commitment to the next generations drives some of the world’s most prominent climate campaigners. James Hansen has studied the workings of earth’s climate for 40 years, and in 1981 and 1988 he accurately predicted how greenhouse gases would now be affecting the Earth if humans continued to burn fossil fuels. He called his book for general readers Storms of My Grandchildren.

Child in coal mine

Illustration from the Report of the 1842 Royal Commission into Children's Employment (Mines). © National Coal Mining Museum for England.

Queenslander John Cook founded the award winning website Skeptical Science as a contribution to his daughter’s future.

Commitment to the next generations also drives members of CANWin and hundreds of other action groups throughout the country. CANWin secretary Philip Walker was unable to attend the Community Consultation, so he wrote a personal letter asking a crucial question:

Dear Ms Goward,

I am writing to you as a member of your electorate, in particular view of your planned community consultation session at Mittagong RSL on Wednesday night next.

Yesterday, the Liberal NSW Energy Minister called for the abolition of the Renewable Energy Target. Mr Hartcher’s “pile of paper” piece in the media referring to the carbon tax, indicated to me that there likely will be little “consultation” of the strong community views for action on the reduction of fossil fuel use and extraction in our Shire. This appears to be part of an increased rate of Coalition party members at both state and federal levels, attacking renewable energy.

Renewable energy is important to me. The world must turn away from the centuries old use of fossil fuels. Such old technologies are no longer sustainable. Some of us may be old enough not to have to see the terrible consequences for the world if action towards renewable energy does not continue in earnest now. My son and daughter and their children will be the ones to face it. It is our generation who now holds the reins and we must act. This wholehearted support of renewable energy is the most important action the NSW Government can take to improve local outcomes with a positive flow on to the wider community.

Further, it makes sense that with coal and gas prices going up and renewable energy costs fast coming down, the only effective way to manage rising energy bills is to move towards renewable energy.

If the Coalition continues to attack renewable energy, I will be pointing out to my friends, family members and people in my community that the Coalition is trying to block renewable energy and is at risk of locking us into not only higher energy prices, but disaster for the future.

Ms Goward, will you confirm your party’s long term commitment to the Renewable Energy Target?

Regards, Philip Walker
Bundanoon, NSW.

Published with permission

Minister Goward. For the sake of the children, Renewable Energy for NSW.

Call for rapid transition to 100% renewables

CANWin joined 68 other Climate Action Groups in a joint ‘Submission on Discussion Papers to the Energy White Paper Secretariat’


69 Climate Action Groups Call for Rapid Transition to 100% Renewables!

69 Climate Action Groups representing thousands of people from across the country have called for a major “paradigm shift” in Australia towards 100% renewable electricity. Continue reading