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  1. Hello John, Thanks for your optimism and your concern.
    We are aware of the issue of overcrowding, and have thought that
    the double doors along the northern side of the hall, opening out onto the courtyard in front of the library, might offer some extra access. Apparently, the Bowral Memorial Hall has a capacity of about 600, but Council is worried about the strength of the floor, so has restricted its capacity to about 350 people. 350 people is in fact a large crowd, so we’re just hoping that an even bigger crowd doesn’t cause a problem.
    Thanks also for your offer of pictures. I very much enjoyed the cathedral ceiling photos on your website and I’d love to see some of your other work, both in the cause of climate action and in celebration of the world we’re all trying to protect.
    Cheers – Sandra Oates

  2. I am looking forward to this important event in the Highlands. So are many of my friends and neighbours. So many of us are going, in fact, I fear there may be serious overcrowding. Is there any provision for overflow sound and vision in Bendooley Street if numbers exceed capacity? Or the possibility of a last minute switch to a larger venue. Wouldn’t it make sense to use something like Eventbrite to gauge numbers? Congratulations on the speaker roll; As an active environmentalist I look forward to joining the meeting. As a professional photographer I am happy to use any pictures I make on the day in promoting your activities and providing you with event images. Cheers – John Swainston, Bowral resident.