Let’s help CORENA beat the RET Review

Let's fully fund 2nd CORENA Quick Win Project before the RET ReviewCORENA, one of CANWin’s partner organisations, is calling for help to get a solar PV project fully funded before July 1.

CORENA (Citizens’ Own Renewable Energy Network Australia Inc.) lends donated funds to community groups so that they can generate their own renewable energy. The loans are interest free, and the repayments go to fund more projects.

It’s a brilliant way for individuals and small organisations to give a big lift to community groups and an ongoing cut to carbon pollution.

Now the Federal government’s Renewable Energy Target Review threatens to make these grassroots efforts that much harder. Well nuts to that!! Renewables are the future, and no government has a mandate, or ultimately the power, to stop them.

Less than $4000 will see the second CORENA Quick Win project powering ahead.

If you’d like to donate, go to the CORENA website or click on the picture above.

From the CORENA Facebook page:

Pls help us get this project fully funded BEFORE the RET Review outcome has a chance to cause dramatic increases in solar prices.

We don’t know what the RET Review outcome will be, or when it will take effect. We assume STCs (the government’s contribution to the cost of solar) will remain in place at least till July 1, but after that we’ll be getting nervous.

One response to “Let’s help CORENA beat the RET Review

  1. Thank you CANWin for your very generous donation. Again you have helped get us over the line. The Gawler Community House Quick Win project has now been fully funded, and installation of the panels was completed yesterday. Already your money is reducing emissions 🙂