Turn Up the Heat

A version of this article appeared in the Southern Highland News, 9 October 2013. More articles from the CANWin column.
Feel like a Sunday picnic? Looking for climate action?
CANWin is hosting a picnic for friends, families, and new acquaintances in Corbett Gardens on Sunday, 17 November, starting about 11am. BYO picnic, and prepare to have some fun. At the same time, you’ll show that we care about action on climate change, and that our community supports strong, meaningful climate action.
There’s one catch: this picnic has a dress code. We’re dressing like a heatwave. Hot colours such as reds, oranges, and pinks. Heatwave accessories like zinc cream, parasols, fans, shady hats… whatever you can think of that looks as if you’re coping with stinking hot weather.
There’ll be activities and entertainment, and some group photos to show off our heatwave attire. More details on the CANWin website and Facebook page as the day gets closer.
17November2013BillboardBy coming along to the Bowral picnic you’ll be taking part in the National Day of Climate Action. Our event is one of hundreds planned for regional towns across the country; more fun and family-friendly than the big rallies planned for capital cities, but just as important.
Group photos from these events will show off our heatwave attire and make the point, gently, that the world is getting too darned hot!
Two out of three Australians understand that climate change is happening now. That’s a big majority, yet our politicians still haven’t caught up. Global temperatures continue to rise, but it seems the only charts our leaders watch are charts of their own performance. We need to remind them that we are judging them on their effective action to reduce carbon emissions and protect a liveable climate.
The National Day of Climate Action is organised by GetUp!, with partners including Climate Action Network Australia, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Friends of the Earth, Oxfam, the Fire Brigade Employees’ Union, the Australian Conservation Foundation, 350.org, and more.

Speaker event, Illawarra Flame project

IllawarraFlameHouseModelHousing is one area where examples of effective climate action are easy to find. The Illawarra Flame project to retro-fit a fibro home for low-carbon, low-cost comfort won a gold medal at the Solar Decathlon in China earlier this year.
Team member Michael Whitehouse will be speaking about the project at the Henrietta Rose Room on 22 November. Details in the Community Diary and on the CANWin website calendar.

One response to “Turn Up the Heat

  1. Good on CANWIN for what you did on Sunday.
    However, I would have thought that if it was a bout a day of action there would have been more scope than was evident for action in and around Bowral.
    Secondly by what stretch of the imagination could a so called scientist spruke the benefits of GM products? Was the person sponsored by Monsanto? Was this an appropriate gig for such blatant manipulation to a captive audience?
    Puzzled. Michael D.Breen