Quiz: Who Said What, 2010

First published 24 Jul 2010. Re-issued 21 Jul 2013, Web Team.
Can you identify these political quotations from 2010? They seem sadly like 2013.

  1. “Climate change is such a huge issue that it requires strong, concerted, consistent and enduring action by governments.”
    a) Peter Garrett
    b) Kevin Rudd
    c) Julia Gillard
  2. “The collapse of communism was a disaster for the left, and really, they embraced the environment as their new religion.”
    a) Joe Hockey
    b) Nick Minchin
    c) Barnaby Joyce
  3. “Climate change is crap.”
    a) Bob Brown
    b) Steve Fielding
    c) Tony Abbott
  4. “The immediate and inevitable consequence of this logic – if echoed in other countries – is that there will be no global deal as each nation says to its domestic constituencies that they cannot act because others have not acted.”
    a) Helen Coonan
    b) Julia Gillard
    c) Kevin Rudd
  5. “Well sometime in the future, if the world agrees that we’re going to have a price on carbon then Australia will obviously have to take some sort of position on carbon pricing. Now our policy is very clear. By 2015 we’ll review the situation, see where the rest of the world is at.”
    a) Tony Abbott
    b) Bob Brown
    c) Joe Hockey
  6. “Mitigating the impacts of resource-inefficient lifestyles such as divorce helps to achieve global environmental sustainability and saves money for households.”
    a) Steve Fielding
    b) Peter Garrett
    c) Joe Hockey
  7. “I don’t know whether Copenhagen was a roaring success, because every time I turned on the TV the lakes were freezing, the snow was falling and the planes were stuck on the airstrip.”
    a) Steve Fielding
    b) Barnaby Joyce
    c) Nick Minchin

How did you go? Check out the answers.

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