His energy, our need

Misdirected energy can be destructive. Redirecting it can work wonders.

Let’s work more wonders on the Highlands.

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  1. Mark Wright

    A Glimpse Of Who We Are Here At Momentum
    We offer 100% clean and renewable energy made by wind and water which is purchased from our parent company HydroTas, both HydroTas and ourselves are wholly owned by the Tasmanian Government. With our Smile Power product we do not incur a Carbon Charge, Green Power, so our overheads are significantly less than most retailers, hence our lower pricing. We are the energy industry’s specialists in renewable energy and we are finding that our prices are very competitive in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.
    We have found a large number of businesses and homes are committed to the long term goal of reducing their carbon impact.

    Please feel free to view our goals from our parent company site at; http://www.hydro.com.au/
    There is so much information on our gaols of a clean future I could not fit them all in 1 email. This is the core and beliefs of what we are trying to promote.

    We have the ability to lock in 100% of your rates for a period of 12 months.
    By Fixing your full rates for the first 12 months you will receive
    • No network increase on the 1st of July
    • No C.P.I increase in January 2014
    • No Carbon increase in July 2013 and July 2014

    After this first year we are then able to lock in the retail portion of the bill for a further 24 months of approximately 45% of your total bill. The remaining portion of the bill or 55% is a direct factor due to your network provider (who distributes the power from where we produce it to your home or business). your distributer will still increase their prices once a year and this will be an approved increase agreed by the government and the distributers around Australia. We will pass these charges onto you the customer. What we do promise is these will be passed though as a “pass through charge’’ and no further profits will be farmed from these to Momentums benefit but by locking the first year you will track behind the standard market rate for the whole 3 years of your contract.

    What is renewable energy?
    Renewable energy is generated from resources that are replenished naturally, such as light, wind and water. SmilePower is renewable energy derived from a hydro system that has been powering Tasmania for nearly 100 years. Today, Hydro Tasmania is the largest generator of clean energy in Australia.
    How does SmilePower differ from other products?
    Hydro Tasmania has almost 100 years of experience in generating renewable energy. The hydro-electric power plants of Hydro Tasmania take the energy from water and turn this energy into electricity, which is distributed via the National Electricity Market. Since the electricity to your premises comes from the National Electricity Market and the National Electricity Market is comprised of energy generated from both renewable and non-renewable sources, this does not mean that you will receive renewable energy directly to your premises. We will ensure that the equivalent amount of renewable energy matching the energy that you use will be fed into the National Electricity Market by Hydro Tasmania, or another electricity generator, within the same calendar year that you are billed for your purchase of SmilePower.
    Simply Renewable Energy
    Wind, solar and hydro generators built before 1997 produce renewable energy, but are not part of the GreenPower program. In practice, the only difference is that these generators were built before 1997.

    Our contact centres are onshore in Melbourne and Hobart and yes we are truly Australian. We understand the ever day needs of our customers and we look after everything for you. If for any reason you have a problem or even a simple enquiry about anything at all, we endeavour to answer your call with the first 60 seconds.
    If you would prefer to speak directly to myself, you would always have my number. If I am unable to answer a question I am always able to find the person for the resolution in a timely manner.

    We offer the best rate first!!
    We are Australian!!
    We understand changing companies is sometimes is a pain. So we make it quick and easy!
    100% Clean and Renewable energy
    Our product is edited to ensure our product is 100% clean
    We are developing future products to more efficiently use power

    We have found a large number of small businesses and residents like yourself enjoy and are passionate about promoting yourself as clean renewable power users.
    Please feel free to view our “10 Reasons to Switch” page on our website for more detailed information about us – http://www.momentumenergy.com.au/energy-solutions/reasons-switch
    Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or hesitations.

    The easiest way to get the ball rolling is to either to fax or email me a copy of your bill for an apples for apples quote. Or give me a quick buzz and it can be done over the phone.

    Kind Regards

    Mark Wright | Renewable Energy Advisor