I love a sunburnt… ?

In the last few years Australia has shown off her “droughts and flooding rains” in a very big way. Some people say this is normal, and point to Dorothea Mackellar’s famous “I love a sunburnt country” as proof. But specialists from many fields have now gathered enough evidence to be sure that this is not the normal that Dorothea Mackellar knew. Along with the rest of the world, Australia is starting to shift to a new normal, where the average climate is hotter than the world has known since civilisation began.

The reason is people burning fossil fuels. The fossil fuels that can do the greatest damage are coal and coal seam gas.

Photo of Kurrumbede homestead taken about 1917

Dorothea Mackellar’s home on the sweeping plains of Kurrumbede, proposed site of an open cut coal mine

So it’s beyond ironic that Whitehaven Coal wants to put an open cut coal mine on “Kurrumbede”, the home of Dorothea Mackellar. Just imagine it:

I love a sunburnt coalmine,
A land of toxic dams,
Of cracked creek beds and rivers
Of coal dust and methane.

How can this be happening? What are you doing to stop it?

(You can find the full text of the poem at http://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/discover_collections/people_places/caergwrle/mycountry/index.html)

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