Rally: Our Water, Our Land, Our Future

Saturday, 19 Nov 2011, 11.00am

Corbett Gardens, Bowral
(Wet weather venue, Bowral Memorial Hall)

Learn why we must say NO to coal and gas mining in the Southern Highlands and other special parts of Australia.

Speakers include radio host Alan Jones, Senator Bill Heffernan, Drew Hutton of Lock the Gate

For more information see Shoo Cockatoo

2 responses to “Rally: Our Water, Our Land, Our Future

  1. Simon Romijn


    I note that this meeting notice is posted to CanWIN’s website and that the meeting features Alan Jones and Bill Heffernan as speakers.

    CanWIN’s objectives and mission are broadly to promote understanding of and action in respect to climate change. Alan Jones and Bill Heffernan have to be among the least sympathatic and influential persons pitted against CanWIN’s objectives.

    Simon Romijn

    • I was uncomfortable about them too, but I went to the rally because I think stopping coal seam gas mines is more important than my discomfort with a couple of the speakers. Even if Jones and Heffernan are wrong about everything else, they’re right to oppose coal seam gas mining on the Highlands or anywhere else.