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How and why of fossil-fuel freedom

Two great events this weekend: Friday’s CANWin speaker forum shows us how to get to fossil-fuel freedom; on Saturday afternoon Robertson CTC showcases the at-risk wonders of icy Antarctica.

Flier for speaker night 27 Feb.

Antarctica: A photographic journey

Glenn Dawson is a freelance photographer specialising in wildlife and nature. He and his cameras have made four trips to the Arctic, Alaska and Canada. Penguins with chicks He has also travelled twice to Africa to work and photograph wildlife and landscape. Robertson is to be treated to a presentation by Glenn, sharing his love and knowledge of the Antarctic, and other lands he has visited with a focus on nature, wildlife and cultures. Suitable for all ages.

Saturday 28th February, 3pm – 5pm; tickets $10. For bookings, contact the CTC, tel. 02 4885 2665.

Climate crisis PLUS financial crisis? No thanks

As the G20 meeting gets into full talk mode, a lot of commentators are pointing out that “climate change is an economic issue”. Dr John Hewson, long-time climate activist and former Leader of the Liberal Party (yep, the same Liberal Party that’s gutting Australia’s emissions reduction programs), will explain how climate change could bring on another Global Financial Crisis.

Flyer for John Hewson's talk on Risk of Climate Change Induced Financial Crisis, 21 Nov 2014, Henrietta Rose Room

See you there.

PS You might like to check out Dr Hewson’s work with the Asset Owners’ Disclosure Project,

More than one way…

There’s more than one way to transform Australia’s energy. Find out what communities are doing around Australia and the world to bring about a no-carbon, clean energy future.
Programme for Community Energy Presentation, 4th November 2014, 4.30-6.00pm, Henrietta Rose Room

See you there.

More info about the speakers…

CANWin sustainable house visits, 7 September

A message from David Tranter

Following the fantastic visit to the off-grid house of Larry and Penny Osterhaus two months ago, arranged by Gordon Markwart, I am pleased to announce a second outing for CANWin members and friends on Sunday morning, September 7th.

This time there are three sustainable houses to visit in Mittagong, each one different from the others.

The program for the day is as follows:
9.30am: Assemble immediately in front of Mittagong Railway Station to pool cars
9.45am: Directions
9.55am (SHARP) Move off to the first site (Lemann “Greeny Flat”)
10am: Lemann Greeny Flat Inspection
10.45am: Depart for the second site (Leenders House)
11am: Leenders House Inspection
11.45am:Leave for the third site (Podger House)
12 noon: Podger House Inspection (outdoors)
12 45: Return to parked cars at Mittagong Railway Station
1pm (Optional): Leave for the Home and Garden Show at the Bong Bong Racecourse, to see the CANWin exhibits and check out the show.

If you and/or your friends are interested in joining the CANWin party, would you please email David Tranter (email hidden; JavaScript is required) or phone (4885-1394) to make a booking.

Best regards,
David Tranter

This Friday, must hear speaker Martijn Wilder

Martijn WilderMartijn Wilder is a Board Member of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and WWF (Australia), Chair of the NSW Climate Change Council, an Adjunct Professor of Law at the Australian National University, and head of Baker & McKenzie’s Global Environmental Markets practice.

We reckon that makes him a fair dinkum climate policy wonk. You can read some other opinions here, and here.

Martijn’s talk will give an overview of Australia’s policy framework on climate change, its history, success and failings and where to next (Wow!). He will also discuss how other countries are addressing climate change and the role that new technologies and global financial institutions are playing.

Friday 22nd August 2014, 7pm
Henrietta Rose Room, Bowral Library
Very light refreshments from 6.30pm
Admission: $5, Pensioners: $2

Everyone and your friends are welcome.

Too wet to picnic: National Day of Climate Action, Highlands style

A version of this article appeared in the Southern Highland News, 20 November 2013. More articles from the CANWin column.

Photo Denis Wilson

Picknickers for Climate Action Photo Denis Wilson

Why did 60,000 Australians in more than 130 towns and cities join in rallies last Sunday to demand climate action? Why did some 250 people come to a National Day of Climate Action Picnic in Bowral on a day better suited to hot soup and a good movie?

Couple with bright beach umbrella

Heatwave colours brightened a decidedly cool day Photo Denis Wilson

Because they understand that the world must stop burning fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas – for energy. Because they realise that destroying the climate won’t save the economy. Because they get that “There is No Planet B.”

And because they know they know that the good life doesn’t need fossil fuels. We can still build a better future, but to do it governments must get energy policy right and speed up the switch to renewable energy.

People arriving at the park entrance

Early arrivals on a damp, dark day Photo Angela Towndrow

The people who came to the damp picnic in Bowral are undaunted by the challenge of climate change, so it’s not surprising that they adapted easily to the unpicnic-like conditions.

Bob McInnes

Master of Ceremonies and master fiddler Bob McInnes Photo Denis Wilson

Musicians set up in the CWA hall instead of the rotunda and performed for a constantly moving crowd. MC Bob McInness managed to make himself heard by both the indoor crowd and those outside in the gardens.

Picnickers stood and talked instead of sitting and eating. One unscheduled speaker started a parade up Bong Bong Street. Another stressed that science follows all the evidence, even when it leads to conclusions we don’t like.

Anthony Ackroyd, in a heatwave hat

Anthony Ackroyd, in a heatwave hat

Special guest Anthony Ackroyd told some tales of his career as an impersonator of politicians. Meeting his subjects, he learnt that politicians are mostly charming people who want to do what’s right for the country. Those who doubt, or even deny, the science of climate change are probably not evil. “They’re just misguided,” Anthony said.

Good to know. Thanks Anthony.

About $200 was donated for Citizen’s Own Renewable Energy Network Australia Inc. (CORENA). CORENA uses donations from the public to fund practical renewable energy projects for community organisations. The loans are repaid from savings on electricity bills, and the repayments finance future projects so that the donated money is recycled. It’s people power powering people, far into the future.

Marchers gathering near the mall

Marshalling the marchers… maybe Photo Angela Towndrow

When the new government abolished the Climate Commission, thousands of people let their donations do the talking: within a week the Climate Commission returned as the crowd-funded Climate Council.

Last Sunday thousands of people rallied in support of strong climate action. They represent the majority: two out of three Australians believe that climate change is occurring. In the words of the 2013 Climate Institute report on Australian attitudes to climate change (PDF 2.4Mb):

Strong majorities recognise that doing nothing on climate change will increase the risks and that there are economic opportunities in acting in areas like renewable energy. Significantly, appreciation of the economic benefits and jobs associated with a strong renewable energy industry is not contingent on acceptance of climate change, or even that humans are responsible for it.

Sunday 17 November National Day of Climate Action

Anthony Ackroyd, in a heatwave hat

Anthony Ackroyd, in a heatwave hat

This Sunday, stand up and be counted with comedian Anthony Ackroyd and musician Bob McInnes. Music, mirth, picnics, face painting, games, toys… A good time for a good cause.

CliveTurnUpHeatOrangeColourDress up for a heatwave: clothes in red or orange, hot pink or yellow, sunshades and zinc cream. If it rains, we can pretend it’s a tropical downpour.

We need the leaders of all of Australia’s major political parties to become champions for ambitious carbon pollution reduction targets. Let’s show them that Australians want real action on climate.

Corbett Gardens, 11-2 Sunday 17 November. See you there.

Turn Up the Heat

A version of this article appeared in the Southern Highland News, 9 October 2013. More articles from the CANWin column.
Feel like a Sunday picnic? Looking for climate action?
CANWin is hosting a picnic for friends, families, and new acquaintances in Corbett Gardens on Sunday, 17 November, starting about 11am. BYO picnic, and prepare to have some fun. At the same time, you’ll show that we care about action on climate change, and that our community supports strong, meaningful climate action.
There’s one catch: this picnic has a dress code. We’re dressing like a heatwave. Hot colours such as reds, oranges, and pinks. Heatwave accessories like zinc cream, parasols, fans, shady hats… whatever you can think of that looks as if you’re coping with stinking hot weather.
There’ll be activities and entertainment, and some group photos to show off our heatwave attire. More details on the CANWin website and Facebook page as the day gets closer.
17November2013BillboardBy coming along to the Bowral picnic you’ll be taking part in the National Day of Climate Action. Our event is one of hundreds planned for regional towns across the country; more fun and family-friendly than the big rallies planned for capital cities, but just as important.
Group photos from these events will show off our heatwave attire and make the point, gently, that the world is getting too darned hot!
Two out of three Australians understand that climate change is happening now. That’s a big majority, yet our politicians still haven’t caught up. Global temperatures continue to rise, but it seems the only charts our leaders watch are charts of their own performance. We need to remind them that we are judging them on their effective action to reduce carbon emissions and protect a liveable climate.
The National Day of Climate Action is organised by GetUp!, with partners including Climate Action Network Australia, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Friends of the Earth, Oxfam, the Fire Brigade Employees’ Union, the Australian Conservation Foundation,, and more.

Speaker event, Illawarra Flame project

IllawarraFlameHouseModelHousing is one area where examples of effective climate action are easy to find. The Illawarra Flame project to retro-fit a fibro home for low-carbon, low-cost comfort won a gold medal at the Solar Decathlon in China earlier this year.
Team member Michael Whitehouse will be speaking about the project at the Henrietta Rose Room on 22 November. Details in the Community Diary and on the CANWin website calendar.